Monday, September 17, 2012

Few Books on Nepali Media Historiography before ‘Magnus Opus’ by Grishma Bahadur Devkota

By Harsha Man Maharjan

Grishma Bahadur Devkota’s Nepalko Chhapakhana ra PatraPatriko Itihas is a ‘Magnus Opus’in Nepali media historiography. Many people think this is the first book about press history in Nepal. They are wrong. If we go through the references given in the book, we find few books and many articles on Nepali media published in newspapers.

Though it contained six books, I think three of them are important. First one is Press Commissionko Report 2015, the report of Press Commission 2014 v.s. which I believe is a concrete example of media research. Second is Patra-Patrikako Janma ra Tesko Gatibidhi, a booklet by Bhagawati Prasad Shrestha. In its preface, Krishna Prasad Chapagain, the chair of Press Commission 2014 v.s. writes: “It[this book] shows the budding of newspapers in Nepal and provides the life of them till now”. The earlier form of this booklet was an article. The new form was prepared for ‘Nepal Patrapatrika Pradarshani’ or exhibition of newspapers.  The third one is A Report of Journalism and Journalists of Nepal, a report writer and journalist Shyam Prasad Sharma presented in an international forum.

All of these books are important sources of Nepali media historiography. In coming postings I will be writing about them in detail.