Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Searching Royal Nepal Film Corporation in Nepal Film Development Corporation

By Harsha Man Maharjan

These days I am writing the final draft of my research article on Royal Nepal Film Corporation. Panchayat government established this corporation to establish film industry in Nepal. The government wanted to attract private sector towards cinema at that time. And it did different activities for this. And we saw a boom in cinema from private media in late 1980s. Post 1990 government privatized it. And it is no more.
I know its infrastructures- building, lab etc-are in Nepal Film Development Company at Balaju Industrial area.
So I went there a couple of times. I interviewed Narayan Dhoj Pant and others. Pant worked at RNFC for a long time production officer. On 15 July 2009, I had a mission to find traces of Royal Nepal Film Corporation there. I went to studio room. I saw equipments there and all equipments had NFDC engraved in them. I went to Store rooms. Everywhere there was exposed film, light equipments. And still there was no trace of RNFC. Later Pant informed me that NFDC people have erased all remembrance of RNFC. But still there is one that no one can remove it. And that is the symbol of the corporation as show in the picture. I had to climb window to reach that place. When I reach the palace, the guard was watching me. I saw a peacock carved in wooden window above which there was the name: Shahi Nepal Chalcitra Sansthan (RNFC), beautifully carved.