Friday, July 10, 2009

A book on Journalism at Panchayat Period

Tesbela Ko Patrakarita(Journalism at that time).
By Ghana Nath Ojha
Bhairab Risal
2065 v.s. , pp.208. Piravi Book House.

This book is the account of journalism of not today. The title suggests it is the journalism at that time. What is the time? It is about Panchayat period. This book is focused on 2020-2021 v.s. But it is more about experience of two journalists working in National news agency: Rastriya Samachar Samiti(RSS). Not journalism at that time. It is actually about what they saw being journalists.

How did ministers insist journalists to accompany them while visiting out of Kathmandu? How did some ministers monitor news about their activities? These incidents shows ministers’ craze for publicity. This book even includes an incident of government censorship. According to authors RSS cut views of a political leader against government.

This books also contains chapters on details of how-to-be journalist, media laws. I think authors kept these chapters to attract students of mass communication and journalism. But it has made the book incomplete. It is not a book on experiences of journalists. Neither is it a manual of how-to-be Journalists
This book lacks a good editor. Due to this there are typo mistakes. Many remembrances are scattered. The author and the publisher have to bear responsibility of this poor editing.

Yet this book is useful to anybody searching to know about government-owned media. It gives historical information on government-owned media.

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